~ Organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free Castor Oil from India, bottled in glass
~ Pure, unbleached 100% cotton or wool cloth, large enough to cover the affected area, cut into wide strips
~ Plastic (to protect bed)
~ An old towel or two
~ Heat-wheat or hot water bottle (or two)


~ Heat a few tablesspoons of Castor Oil gently on the stove
~ Soak the strips in the oil so they are wet but not dripping
~ Lay the plastic wrap over the bed and place a towel on top for comfort
~ Make yourself comfortable on the bed or couch
~ Place the warm cloth strips over affected area(s)
~ Cover with another old towel
~ Place heat-wheat/hot water bottle(s) over the top
~ Rest while the pack is in place and leave it on for an hour or more
~ Remove strips and store in a sealed glass jar ready for next time
~ The castor oil pack can be reused for many months before starting afresh (dont wash the strips out)
~ After removal, cleanse the area with water
~ Next time, just use the same strips but add fresh warm oil to them
~ Apply the pack at least 5 of 7 days, every day is also fine

* Do not use a Castor Oil Pack while pregnant


See below video for detailed instructions:

> How to make a Castor Oil Pack video