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100% Cotton Poultice + Patches (unbleached cotton)


Unbleached 100% pure cotton fabric to make your own Castor Oil Poultice / Pack, or to go inside your existing Castor Oil Wrap.

Most online retailers will tell you their Castor Oil Wrap is pure cotton, but it actually usually isn't. It is organic bamboo (or polyester shock horror!) which is processed using a lot of chemicals to make it soft and cotton-like. This potentially puts toxins into your body every time you pack because Castor Oil is such an expert carrier.

So over here at Enlighten Me, we put these ACTUAL pure cotton inserts inside our Wraps and also use them on their own without the wrap.

This pack includes a large piece of cotton (220 x 30cm) so you can cut it to the size you need, plus some pre-cut patches that magically stick to your skin on their own - makes treating sunspots and moles super easy. It's a more pure, more effective way to pack and keeps the Wrap less oily also. Cotton can be re-used a few times before replacing. We don't recommend washing them. Make sure you use fresh oil each time.

Fabric comes enclosed in a cute little pure cotton bag with the patches in a mini bag:

For information on how to make a Castor Oil pack, go to the navigation bar at the top of this website.

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