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Baking Soda


100% Pure Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) in a small glass spice bottle with shaker.

Free of nasty chemicals, and toxic ammonia bleaching processes

✔ Alkaline and anti-inflammatory
✔ Used as a soothing, anti-inflammatory poultice for joint pain and muscle soreness
✔ Works with Castor Oil to address skin conditions and remove skin tags
✔ Neutralises acidity and balance pH levels within the body.
✔ Helps alleviate digestive issues like acid reflux and heartburn
✔ Effective against various bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, associated with tooth decay
✔ Combats fungal infections, including yeast, dermatophytes, and moulds affecting skin and nails.
✔ Promotes kidney health and treats urinary tract infections

The Spice & Soda range come in small glass spice bottles with black shaker lid and can be refilled when empty so your kit always stays equipped.

Baking Soda can be used with Castor Oil to treat various skin issues. Check out our 100% Cotton Strips and Patches to use with it.

* As recommended by Dr Barbara O'Neill. View her lectures on Instagram to learn more.

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