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Celtic Sea Salt

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A small glass spice bottle filled with pure, high-grade, Celtic Sea Salt to use in your healthcare regime.

✔ Fully mineralised, in its pure, unrefined form
✔ Full of vital key minerals and trace elements, including Magnesium, calcium, and potassium, perfectly balanced in their ratios
✔ It eases muscle cramps, aid hydration, and support a healthy nervous system
✔ Celtic sea salt, unlike refined salts, retains its natural balance of minerals and electrolytes.

The Spice & Soda range come in small glass spice bottles with black shaker lid and can be refilled when empty so your kit always stays equipped.

Be sure to check out our 100% Cotton Strips and Patches for easy Castor Oil packing.

* Use Celtic Salt as recommended by the awesome Dr. Barbara O'Neill. View her lectures on Instagram to learn more.

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